Kundalini: The Dormant Power Within.


Kundalini is a primal energy, a creative force that exists within our body, usually in a dormant state. When awakened, we realize our innate power and completeness. We realize that everything we need to feel happy and fulfilled is within us.  

The Sanskrit word, kundalini, literally means “coiled one”. The first mention of kundalini ever made is in Lalita Sahasranama, a sacred Hindu text that contains the one thousand names of the mother goddess, Lalita. In the traditional descriptions of kundalini, it is said the kundalini can be awakened from its slumber by intense meditation, by turning inwards and paying attention to our world of emotions, thoughts and talents hidden inside us.

Kundalini is a perceptible reality, not a physical one. Once awakened, we shed our old tendencies and negativity like a snake sheds its old skin. The kundalini is said to empower us with Shakti—that primordial energy of the Divine mother. Charged with this feminine creative force, we become filled with the vigor, enthusiasm, willpower, and the self-confidence we need to shake off negative memories and emotions hidden deep within our subconscious mind. Our mind becomes settled. Issues and concerns that previously kept our attention, now appear insignificant. Such a state of mind automatically engenders intuitive wisdom.  Free from the unending chain of doubt, and confusion, intuition becomes our guide and protector.  Its discerning power is unfailing. 

Kundalini energy is not recognized by medical science, and is often little understood even among teachers of Yoga and meditative traditions. 

"Supranormal" streams of creativity and energy gush forth at the awakening.  Total awakening occurs when the kundalini reaches the sahasrara (crown) chakra. It is here that man becomes a junior God, an embodiment of the divine.

We become Truth, Love and Light.

The reason kundalini awakening is such a remarkable aspect of spiritual awakening is that it is not based on complex theological arguments, or culturally defined religious norms. Kundalini is focused instead upon the immediate, ultimate experience of the divine within us. Therefore, regardless of your particular religious upbringing and beliefs, all of us can employ kundalini yoga to aid in our spiritual evolution.

Many ancient myths make reference to the kundalini symbolism. The story of Tiresias is an example. When Tiresias –the ancient Greek seer found two copulating snakes, he separated them by sticking his staff between them. Immediately he was turned into a woman, and remained so for seven years, until he was able to repeat his action and change back into a male. The transformation power in this story, strong enough to completely reverse even physical polarities of male and female, comes from the union of the two serpents, passed on by the wand.

Tiresias’ staff, complete with serpents, was later passed on to Hermes. Many medical organizations use the ancient Greek symbol called ''Karykeion'' of Hermes, the Greek god and the messenger of all gods. In occult Hermetic philosophy the Caduceus of Hermes represents the potentiality of the masculine, as a central phallic rod surrounded by the writhing, woven Shakti energies of two coupling serpents. The rod also represents the spine (sushumna) while the serpents conduct spiritual currents (pranas) along the inda and pingala channels in a double helix pattern from the chakra at the base of the spine up to the pineal gland.